You can eat Football Manager 2020's eco-friendly and vegan packaging

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In a unexpected but not unpleasant twist, the team behind the Football Manager series has announced that the packaging for the upcoming Football Manager 2020 will be “the most environmentally friendly packaging” they’ve been able to create.

It’s important for us, as human beings, to be more conscious of the impact we’re having on the environment. As such, both the teams behind Football Manager and the folks at SEGA have committed to reducing their environmental impact – starting with the game packaging.

The packaging in question.

The typical plastic box will be replaced with a reinforced and 100% recycled gatefold cardboard sleeve that consists of 100% recycled fibres.

Even the packaging’s printing will use ink consisting of vegetable and water-based ink.

The game’s manual will be printed on recycled paper and the team has even been able to source recyclable shrink wrap to keep copies of Football Manager 2020 safe as they make their way across the world to you.

All of this means that the packaging is vegan (as studio director Miles Jacobson points out in the embedded video below) and that, if you really wanted to, you could eat it.

While I’d personally advise against attempting to eat the packaging due to the fact that humans can’t really digest cardboard all that well, you could probably pair it with a vegan garlic aioli, some salad, and maybe a nicely-cooked Impossible Burger if you really wanted to.

As a lovely bonus, you can even give the packaging another lease of life when you’re done with it. Everything about it (aside from the game disc) is not only recycled but also recyclable, meaning you can simply pop it in your recycling bin.

It should be noted that this might change based on your local council and recycling schemes but, in general, if you can’t pop it in your own recycling bin, specialist outlets should be able to take and recycle it for you.

As the team points out, because this packaging is lighter than its plastic counterpart, it’ll use less fuel to transport. It’ll also be easier and cheaper to dispose of the packaging at the end of the game’s life. Everyone’s a winner!

Based on expected sales, the team expects to save around 20 tonnes of plastic this year alone. If just one game changing its packaging can save that much plastic, imagine how much plastic we could save if everyone turned to recyclable cases.

For more information, you can read the official blog post from the Football Manager team here.

The author of this article would like to note that she is more than willing to attempt to cook Football Manager 2020’s packaging into a vegan meal in the name of science. In entirely unrelated news, MSPoweruser is also not responsible for any incidents caused by people trying to ingest Football Manager 2020’s packaging.

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