Yezz claims all their Windows Phones will be upgraded to Windows 10 “no later than the Winter”



Small Android and Windows Phone  OEM Yezz has just launched their brand in Italy, and at an event to celebrate this they told WindowsBlogItalia that they were ready to bring Windows 10 to all their existing Windows Phone 8 handsets.

They promised to deliver this “this fall and no later than the ‘winter.'” In addition they promised new Windows 10 Mobile handsets for the Italian market around the same time, saying their relationship with Microsoft was stronger than ever.

At the event they also showed the off the Yezz Monaco, which they will be selling in Italy soon.

Windows Phone has of course always had a high market share in Italy, very often outselling the iPhone, and is certainly a good market to try and enter with a Windows Phone handset, but Yezz’s handsets remain simply rebranded Windows Reference Design devices, leaving us hoping a more mainstream OEM would being actual unique devices to Europe’s more welcoming Windows Phone market. Do our readers agree?

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