Yammer groups renamed as Yammer Communities

As part of the new Yammer experience, Microsoft is renaming Yammer groups as Yammer Communities. Yammer Communities are for group of people who have similar interests inside an organization.

Apart from the name change, Yammer now allows Community Admins to customize and brand their communities. Community admins can also moderate conversations, they can close/reopen conversations, they can pin conversations to the top of the community feed.

Here’s the most common types of communities Yammer sees with its customers:  

  • Interest Community (Pets, Music, Runners, Foodies, Parents) 
  • Role (Project Managers, Data Scientists)  
  • Location (Based on specific places)  
  • Diversity and Inclusion (Women, LGBTQ+)
  • Experiences (New HiresMentorship, Interns, Leadership Development, Conference/Event) 
  • Shared Resource (Travel & Expense, O365 Support, Excel Tips & Tricks) 
  • Organizational based (HR, Internal Comms) 

Back in December, Microsoft started the roll out the new Yammer to a select number of private preview customers. Yammer is expected to be available to all customers in the middle of 2020.

Source: Microsoft