Flexible screens have enabled a wide variety of new designs, from deeply curved screens to folding phones. Now Xiaomi has introduced two new designs which may or may not become products in the future.

Extracted from a new patent filing, they both offer new ways to wrap a screen around both sides of a phone.

Model A wraps around the right side of a handset, leaving a thick bezel on the left, presumably to give the user something to hold onto and somewhere to stick the cameras.

Model B looks somewhat more practical and wraps around the top of the device. It utilizes punch-hole cameras and has a larger bottom bezel at the back.

Notable both designs lack selfie cameras, suggesting users would need to turn the handset over and use the main cameras as the front camera.

Neither design is quite as cool as the Mi Mix Alpha below, but that device of course never actually made it to market., despite the company claiming their intention to produce a very limited run.

Of course, besides coolness, questions remain regarding the sense of paying for a screen you can not actually see most of the time.

Either way, the full patent can be seen here.

Via LetsGoDigital.