Xiaomi patents a clamshell foldable phone with a pop-up camera


11, 2019

Author Anmol // in patents

This year has been dominated by the foldable phones and we already saw different approaches to foldable phones from Samsung, Huawei and Motorola. While Samsung did face some issues with their foldable phone, the company was able to solve them and make the Galaxy Fold available to the public.

Now, Xiaomi has filed a new patent for their own foldable concept which looks a lot like Motorola RAZR. The patent was filed in China mid-2018 and was approved on December 6, 2019. The design patent shows a clamshell phone design with a pop-up camera on the top. This should give Xiaomi an opportunity to make a bezel-less foldable phone. On the back of the screen is a dual-camera setup along with what looks like a second screen. It’s not exactly clear from the patent if the back has a second screen or if it’s just a part of the design.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that patents don’t always translate into a real-life device. Earlier this year Xiaomi did release Mi Mix Alpha which has a screen wrapped around the whole body. Although that technically doesn’t count as foldable, it does pave the way for foldable smartphone from Xiaomi.

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