Xiaomi could launch a smartphone with 16GB RAM

by Rahul
June 8, 2020

Today’s smartphones are capable of doing a lot of things that were beyond anyone’s imagination and needless to say, smartphones will be even more powerful in the future. Besides more powerful processors, advanced technologies, more RAM will also be important in order to be able to make smartphones do more with greater efficiency.

One Chinese company may already have started its work on its first smartphone with 16GB RAM. According to rumors coming out of China, Xiaomi is currently developing its first smartphone that will pack 16GB of RAM(via Gizmochina). While we haven’t got any information about the smartphone, it’s safe to say that it’ll be Xiaomi’s flagship offering.

This, however, won’t make Xiaomi the first smartphone manufacturer to launch a smartphone that packs 16GB of primary memory as Nubia’s Red Magic 5G with 16GB RAM is already available in various parts of the world.

While 16GB RAM in a smartphone doesn’t guarantee great performance, such a move will definitely attract consumers’ attention towards the smartphone.

Do your think 16GB RAM is now important in a smartphone, or do you think manufacturers are just trying to create hype? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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