Xbox releases new Alpha Skip-Ahead update preview with handful of fixes

March 28, 2023

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Microsoft released the new Xbox Update Preview 2308.230323-2000 to the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring this Monday. Unfortunately, no new features came with the update, but the company said it delivers a variety of fixes to previous issues encountered by Xbox Insiders. In particular, the release offers improvements and fixes to three sections of Xbox, including audio, network, and system.

Here is the full changelog of the release.

Xbox Alpha Skip-Ahead Update Preview 2308.230323-2000 fixes

Xbox Alpha Skip-Ahead Update Preview 2308.230323-2000 known issues

Xbox Alpha Skip-Ahead Update Preview 2308.230323-2000 known issues

Two weeks ago, the software company also introduced the March update for Xbox App on PC. In this update, numerous new features were injected into the app, including “Trending,” a new game collection showing the top 10 games in the user’s region. Similarly, Xbox released the “Tell us what you like” guide, which allows gamers to identify the particular genre they want in the next game that will be suggested to them.

The release also made changes to the sidebar, which received the pending invites and achievement completion percentage details back in the January update. Specifically, the update introduced the “Jump back in” section, allowing users to instantly access recently installed or played games. Lastly, the app’s My Library section got an enhanced filter experience with new criteria (e.g., number of players, rating, and genre).

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