Xbox Series X and S console preorders saw “record breaking demand”

September 23, 2020
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Microsoft has revealed that the recent preorder opening of Xbox Series X and S saw record breaking demand for the company’s consoles.

With preorders for both next-gen consoles opening the day after Xbox’s acquisition of massive game publisher ZeniMax Media – which includes Bethesda Softworks and all their studios – it appears that Xbox knew exactly when to reveal their business deal.

The news of record breaking preorders was revealed by the official Xbox Twitter account:

“We are humbled by the record-breaking demand for Xbox Series X and S. Huge thanks to everyone for the excitement,” Xbox posted on Twitter.

With Xbox revealing apparent record breaking preorders, not everyone looking to get a next-gen Xbox console was able to pick one up. However, Xbox revealed that there will be more consoles ready in time for the consoles’ November 10th launch.

“If you weren’t successful today be sure to sign up with retailers for updates, and expect more consoles to be available on November 10,” Xbox wrote.

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