After an agonising and, without doubt, stressful wait, we’ve finally managed to get our hands on the next generation of gaming. Microsoft has sent us over the hotly anticipated Xbox Series S for us to get our grubby mitts on, and that’s exactly what we did. Layman’s terms? We did an Xbox Series S unboxing.

Come and marvel at our professional unboxing skills as we walk you though everything that comes in the Series S’ fancy looking box. We’ve got everything you could ever ask for in an Xbox Series S unboxing. Lewis gaffer taped to a tripod? Check! Flagrant disregard for manuals and reading? Check! Lemons? You bet we’ve got lemons! Well, it’s just the one lemon actually.

Video Time:

You can expect to see a lot more from the Series S in the coming weeks and months, with a whole slew of games to get through, not to mention the console review itself. Until then we’ll be twiddling the fancy new controllers sticks as much as we dare, trying to get through all the upcoming releases.

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