Xbox sales vs PS5: Green console drops by 13% this quarter

July 26, 2023

Xbox sales vs PS5 has been the talk of the town for a while, as the battle of next-gen gaming consoles heats up. Unfortunately, the green console’s hardware revenue experiences a whopping 13% dip, as revealed during the recent Q4 earning calls by Microsoft. 

The decline in Xbox hardware sales has been evident in previous quarters as well, with a 13% decrease in Q2 followed by an even more significant 30% decline in Q3.

Microsoft is hoping that Game Pass will help to offset the decline in hardware sales. The company is also investing in new first-party games, such as Starfield and Redfall, which are scheduled to be released later this year.

Game Pass is a subscription service that gives users access to a library of games. The service has been growing rapidly in popularity, and it now has over 25 million subscribers — this number was revealed in January 2022 and it’s been a hot while since the green console updated it.

Ironically, while some decline might be expected as the console is approaching its third year in the market, this drop comes at a time when its competitor, Sony, is celebrating record-breaking PlayStation sales.

The blue console’s Q4 earning calls are scheduled for August this year, but in the previous quarter, it managed to sell an impressive 6.3 million units of the PlayStation 5. The total reported global sales for PS5 have now reached 38.5 million units.

 On the other hand, the combined sales for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have surpassed 21 million units, as reported in the update for June 2023 during the ID@Xbox Developer Accelerator Program.

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