Xbox returns to last-gen’s “Jump In” ad campaign

October 23, 2018

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“Jump In”. Those words were synonymous with the Xbox 360. I can still remember booting up my console, hearing the extraterrestrial-sounding woosh and seeing those words bless my Xbox 360.

It was a good advertising campaign, too. It showed you everything you needed to know about the 360. It commanded you to enter its world, and now it’s back.

The new advertising campaign launched last night with four short videos: Racing, Jumping, Everyone, and Friends. They’re high energy and not as creative as old Jump In ads like Standoff, but they convey their point well enough.

Speaking about the new campaign, Xbox Integrated Marketing Director, Craig McNary said,

“The true power of gaming is more than just bits and throughput – it’s about the fun of gaming and the amazing things our community can do together…

Holding true to the roots of Jump in from years past, it reminds us that gaming is all about human energy, community, and fun.  It reminds us that we’re all born to play; that the very act of gaming is based on an intrinsic need. It’s how we learn, achieve and connect with others. Today, Jump in is an open invitation to all gamers and Xbox is committed to delivering more choice and to make gaming more accessible to more people with great games, new experiences, and more ways to play.”

It’s clear that Microsoft is hoping to return to Xbox’s glory days. Last gen’s 360 was certainly a powerhouse for its time and to see the company return to that strength would be amazing after numerous pitfalls and mistakes this generation.

Source: Neowin

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