Xbox releases party chat noise suppression feature, now allows joining of games via shared captures

September 7, 2022

Xbox is releasing new updates that will certainly delight some fans. One of the biggest things coming to Xbox Series X|S consoles is the latest Xbox noise suppression feature, which finally will free us from friends’ irritating heavy breathing on microphones, barking dogs in the backyard, extra clicky controllers, and other distractive background noises during party chats.

Once the update arrives, the feature will be enabled automatically, but you will always have the option to disable it anytime you want. “If you want to keep some types of background noise in your parties, like music, you can also turn noise suppression off,” Xbox said. “Just open the guide, scroll to Parties & chats, and select Options. There you can enable or disable noise suppression.”

The feature is a long time coming, especially in this age where most people frequently stay online for long hours playing games. And with Xbox being one of the biggest in the gaming industry, it really is a bit late. It can be recalled that other companies released almost the same features earlier, such as Nvidia’s Broadcast app and Discord’s Krisp, a third-party machine learning, noise filtration software.

Alongside the party chat noise suppression feature, the update includes a new ability, allowing gamers to join a game through the shared captures. “Just tap Play and start playing directly in a browser, straight from a shared clip,” said Xbox.

This bumps up the feature from simply letting you watch clips and screenshots to a new way to play games with friends. According to Xbox, it can be used both on mobile devices and PC with cloud gaming, though some games would need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for cloud gaming. 

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