Xbox One Phantom Magenta Controller available to pre-order


2, 2020

Xbox has once again announced a controller that looks so good we might cry, the Phantom Magenta Controller for Xbox One and PC. 

Opting for a translucent dark pink design, Xbox gamers may be stunned by the beauty of this smexy, smexy beast.

Much like most of the recent controllers from Xbox, the Phantom Magenta controller features a textured grip for its paddles. Of course, the new controller is also transparent so you can see all of the controller’s internals.

The controller also supports custom button mapping through the Xbox accessories application as well as Bluetooth support for PC, Android and iOS.

Equip yourself with the Xbox Wireless Controller – Phantom Magenta Special Edition, featuring a translucent design that fades to dark pink, and textured grip for enhanced comfort. Enjoy custom button mapping and plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm stereo headset jack. And with Bluetooth technology, play your favourite games on Windows 10 PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

The new Magenta controller will be available on April 7th.

Will you be picking up this cool new addition to the Xbox family of consoles? What Xbox One controllers do you already own? Tell us about all of your Xbox controller escapades in the comments below. (Personally, my favourite is the Sport Red edition, cyoar!)

If you want to pre-order the new Xbox controller, check this link here!

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