Xbox October Update: new audio controls, sharing option, video trimming, and more

October 20, 2022

Xbox is serious about its dedication to continuously improving its service among its users. As such, the video gaming brand announced a series of new features and experiences it is bringing to its service and products this October.

Xbox October Update: New CEC feature for Xbox Series X|S consoles

One of the biggest highlights of the update is the new Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) feature Xbox is introducing to its Series X|S consoles, wherein users will now be allowed to control the volume of their televisions without using their traditional remote controls. With the Xbox Series X|S consoles connected to TVs over HDMI, the CEC can be accessed through the audio and music section of the Xbox guide. To do it, you can just press your controller’s Xbox button and directly go to the Audio & music section, where you can adjust the volume or directly mute the TV.

Xbox October Update: New "Mute startup sounds" option on Xbox

And speaking of volumes, the update includes a new option to mute all the startup audio sounds. Just go to Profile & system > Settings > General > Volume & audio output > Additional options and select Mute startup sounds.

Xbox PINs

Meanwhile, the company is changing some terms within the Xbox platform, specifically those under the power modes and security. To start, the “Standby” power mode is now called “Sleep” while “Energy saver” is now “Shutdown (energy saving).” Xbox is also updating the name of the Xbox passkey and Xbox guest key to Xbox PIN and Xbox guest PIN, respectively. Xbox, nonetheless, stressed that only the names were the ones changed and nothing else.

Xbox October Update: new setup screens for selecting home Xbox

It should now be easier to change your home Xbox when setting up a new Xbox through the new setup screens added. And to make the experience within the Xbox environment more favorable among gamers, there will be a new “Captures” video trimming option within the Xbox app for Android and iOS. It can be accessed through the app’s Library and will let you adjust the start and the end of your Xbox gaming video clips.

Sharing clips using the new sharing option

In relation to that, you can now try importing the clips you captured using Xbox Game Bar to, giving you an easier option to edit, post, and share your gaming moments. This can be done through the new “Share to” option in the See all my captures section under Captures.

Lastly, the Xbox team said that in relation to the October update, players would be receiving Xbox controller firmware updates. It includes bug fixes for USB flight sticks connecting to the Xbox Adaptive Controller and bug fixes for Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controllers, Xbox Adaptive Controllers, and Xbox One Wireless Controllers with Bluetooth support.

Aside from these things, more changes are expected to arrive on the platform after Xbox announced testing new experiences and features to Xbox Insiders this week. One of them includes the improvement of Discord on Xbox, wherein Insiders can try to join a voice channel directly using their consoles instead of the mobile Discord app.

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