Redditors will be pleased to hear that Microsoft will now let your link your Reddit account to Xbox Live. 

In an effort to expand the usability of Xbox Live across social media in a world moving towards cross-platform management, Microsoft is aiming to let players link to more gaming-focused social media.

“Xbox’s family is expanding! We’re super excited to share that we’re enabling more chances for users to link their Xbox Live accounts to other gaming-relevant social networks,” Xbox announced. “Now users can link Reddit to their Xbox Live profile.”

“In a cross-play world, showcasing and linking your different accounts across networks is increasingly important. And you can engage and connect with your Xbox Live friends wherever they are!”

Those who do decide to link their Xbox Live account to their Reddit account will automatically become subscribed to the official Xbox Insiders subreddit.

Microsoft states that the Xbox Insiders subreddit is the best place to go to talk about in-beta features, both positively and negatively.

Any Xbox gamer who does decide to link their Xbox Live account to Reddit will earn a Reddit trophy for doing so. This will be displayable on both Xbox One and Reddit.

As of now, the feature only appears to be available on Xbox Game Bar.