WSUS import updates process changes to new PowerShell script

July 27, 2023

Microsoft has just made it easier for you to do Windows Server Update Services, or WSUS import updates. As announced, the process of importing has just changed.

The old method, which used ActiveX, is now deprecated and will no longer be supported. Instead, users will need to use a new PowerShell script to import updates. 

“If you use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to update devices, the process of importing updates has changed. You’ll now use a new PowerShell script to import updates. Regularly updating your devices and doing so in safest ways possible will help keep devices at your organization even more protected,” says Microsoft’s Paul Reed.

The new PowerShell script can be found on the WSUS and the Microsoft Update Catalog page. The script is relatively simple to use, and it can be used to import both single updates and multiple updates at once.

To use the PowerShell script, users will need to first save the script to their computer. Then, they will need to open the Microsoft Update Catalog site and search for the updates that they want to import. Once they have found the desired updates, they will need to copy the UpdateID for each update.

Finally, users will need to open a PowerShell console as an administrator and run the script with the syntax provided in the documentation. The script will then download the updates and import them into WSUS.

What are your thoughts on the new way of WSUS import updates? Let us know in the comments!

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