World’s first computer virus to counter cyberattacks is in the works


1, 2019

Biology says viruses are not all bad for you, they are beneficial in many ways. But, when it comes to technology the concept of a good virus isn’t something that we hear a lot. This is probably going to change soon.

Japan is currently developing a computer virus which will help in countering cyberattacks. The development makes Japan the first country in the world to attempt such a stunt.

Sources close to the developments hopes that the Malware will be able to break into a computer system, working as a deterrent against cyberattacks. However, this isn’t something that will be used for commercial purposes. The Japan Government clarified that the purpose of developing such a virus is to enhance the country’s defense capabilities.

If all goes well the computer virus will be ready for the prime time by next March.

Via: JapanTimes

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