Wordle will now be a multiplayer board game called “Wordle: The Party Game”

July 15, 2022

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Wordle is a fun game when you’re alone and need to kill time. Playing it while with the company of friends as you hang out is not really ideal unless you want to be the loner in the corner. Well, that is about to change as The New York Times turns the game into an actual board game you can play with your gang on the next game night.

The launch of Wordle made an instant craze globally, and until now, it is still being patronized by many users, making it a good investment by NYT after buying it earlier this year. The company hopes to level it up by turning it into a multiplayer board game named “Wordle: The Party Game.”

The board game will be produced through NYT’s partnership with the global play and entertainment company Hasbro. The product is expected to arrive in the North American market in October of 2022 (shipping date is subject to change, as noted by Wordle’s website), but it can already be preordered starting today at $19.99.

Hasbro posted a tweet announcing the upcoming board game, alongside the new mechanics on how it should be played. As usual, the traditional concept of the game will stay, but instead of relying on a computer system, the players will be the ones who will produce the five-letter words that should be guessed. The players will have to pick the “word thinker,” who will put semitransparent green and yellow tiles as the others think and write the letters of the word using dry-erase markers on dry-erase boards. (There will also be card covers that will be provided to help players hide their guesses.) Using the materials, the words can be easily erased, and the players can play as long as their hearts desire. 

Wordle: The Party Game is certainly not going to be as convenient as the digital version of the game. There will be the game board materials and components to mind and store, but it will certainly be a nice new experience for groups of friends who always wanted to play the game simultaneously.

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