Women in Microsoft filed 238 internal discrimination complaints between 2010 and 2016

March 13, 2018

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Women in Microsoft have filed 238 complaints recycling around gender discrimination and sexual harassment, a court filing reveals.

This has been made public as part of a lawsuit suing Microsoft for gender discrimination, accusing the firm of systematically overlooking women when it came to pay raises and promotions.

Microsoft argues that of the gender discrimination cases cited by the plaintiffs, of which there were 118, only one of them was founded. The firm claims that plaintiffs could not cite an example in which company policy was violated as regards pay raises and promotions.

The plaintiff’s attorneys argued that the number of complaints was itself shocking and that Microsoft’s investigational team had showcased a lacklustre response.

The firm’s attorneys also argued that the plaintiffs could not find practices that affected enough employees for a class action suit, and pointed out that it had spent $55 million annually to provide inclusionary causes.

The U.S District Judge has not yet ruled on the plaintiff’s request for a class action status at this time.

Via Times.

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