WNM Live Expands to iPhone and Now Has Over 370,000 Users!

WNM Live, the previously Windows Phone exclusive location-based social network, has announced that it is now available to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users via a newly released application available in the Apple App Store.  This is one of the few, if not only, examples of an application starting on Windows Phone 7 and then being ported to the iPhone platform and symbolizes the maturity of the Windows Phone 7 app platform.   WNM Live recently announced that it had surpassed 370,000 users.  With the support for these new platforms, you can expect that the social network will likely continue to grow at an even greater rate.

For those of you not already familiar with WNM Live, it is a free application which connects you with people living near you, or across the globe, and allows you to exchange text/picture instant messages with them, along with a plethora of other features, including free Wi-Fi voice calling.  In a nutshell, WNM Live is the Facebook for making new friends.  The application has been in the Marketplace since before Windows Phone 7 was first released to the general public in 2010.  You can view this site’s video review of the application here.

WNM Live is now available for Windows Mobile 6, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Facebook, and the Web.