With latest update, Edge Collections now a full replacement for Set Aside tabs

by Surur
March 18, 2020

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Microsoft has been slowly beefing up the Edge Collections feature to be a full replacement for Set Aside tabs, and now with the latest update, that point has finally arrived.

We noted last year that with the ability to Reopen all sites in a collection, the only thing that was needed was the ability to add all tabs to a collection.

That feature is now here for Edge Canary and Edge Dev, according to Candice Poon from the Microsoft Edge team.

This means it is now possible to check all tabs into a collection, manage them there, and then restore them, all in one go.

Collections are designed to allow users to collect, organize, share and export content more efficiently and with Office integration.

It also captures sources and creates citations for you automatically so it’s also great for students and researchers.

Intelligent export to apps like Word and Excel preserves the logical structure of your content, so you can turn a loose collection of paragraphs into a handout with citations, or turn a shopping list into a spreadsheet sortable by price.

To participate, visit the Microsoft Edge Insider site to download and begin testing and providing feedback on the available preview builds.

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