WinZip Microsoft Store Edition now available

The most trusting company in the world, WinZip Computing, has brought the eponymously named utility Winzip to the Microsoft Store.

Like the regular version of the app, the Store version offers a 1-month free trial that lets you “experience the full power of WinZip” which should ideally convince a tiny percentage of people to pony up for the annual $49.99 subscription which gets you all the latest updates for a whole year.

The app features:

  • The world’s #1 Zip utility!
  • Create/Open/Unzip Zip, ZipX, Lha files.
  • Uncompress 7z, RAR, tar, z, bz2, gz, arj, iso, vhd, and many more formats.
  • Fastest unzip speed and best compression of all zip utilities.
  • Encrypt files with military-grade encryption to keep them safe.
  • Use clouds like OneDrive, Google, Dropbox, and more like they were local drives.
  • Share anywhere technology lets you share files to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Google+, and other services.
  • Use your work, personal, private, and shared cloud and IM accounts all at the same time.
  • Drag and drop files/folders anywhere in WinZip and into or from other apps.
  • Easy access to common tasks in the WinZip Actions window.
  • Built in file management so you can zip, open, move, copy, delete, rename, preview, or print files from the WinZip files window.
  • Have more than one drive or cloud open using the window pane multi-tab feature.
  • Backup your local drives or cloud drives to a local or USB drive, DVD, or the cloud, and schedule it to run whenever you want.
  • Convert files to PDF format, rotate/resize pictures, add watermarks.
  • Fully touch, tablet, and 2in1 enabled interface.
  • Available in 18 languages.

Exclusive technology like ZipX lets you compress your JPGs and MP3s files 15-20% more while the app features deep integration with cloud and social media services.

Discover the untapped potential of the app by downloading it from the Store here.