Windows Phone’s keyboard is finally coming to Windows 10 PCs

June 3, 2017

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Yes, it’s happening. Microsoft is finally bringing the popular Windows Phone WordFlow keyboard to all Windows 10 devices, including PCs and tablets. The new keyboard in Windows 10 is mainly for tablet users who use the on-screen keyboard for text input on their Windows 10 tablets. The new keyboard in Windows 10 will support swipe input, just like the Windows Phone keyboard.

It isn’t known when exactly the new keyboard for Windows 10 will arrive, but Microsoft already has some of the components that relate to the new keyboard in the latest internal builds of Windows 10.

More specifically, Microsoft accidentally released Windows 10 internal build 16212 to Windows Insiders recently and it includes some new features on the frontend as well as a lot of other things behind the scenes. Windows 10 build 16212 includes components of the Composable Shell (aka CShell) that Microsoft has been working on for a while — and one of the components of CShell is the new TextInput component which is the new keyboard that’s coming to Windows 10.

According to our sources, the new keyboard is built by Microsoft’s WordFlow team, but it is also going to use some bits from SwiftKey’s technology — a company Microsoft acquired¬†back in 2016.

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