Windows Phones 7: Wen’s thoughts

image Yes that’s right, I am speaking in third person ;). With Surur going ahead and posting his thoughts, I thought it would be fair for me (after all those comments) to post my own thoughts. I will be making it short and sweet, and will also try to get some regulars thought on it.

My thought:

To start out I want to say, I am very excited for the new OS and the changes. Many including our own editors have been pointing out some features that they are not too happy about it being removed or added, but I am not really that way. If you were to walk down the street and ask me which features will not be added, I would have no answers for you (other than copy and paste of course), and the reason for that is. I have yet to read anything that is pointing out these “bad” features.

I posted an article yesterday about the risk of WP7, but only read the first couple of sentences to make sure I can write enough to inform you, because I do not really care to know what is not included. I think it’s great what MS is doing. I am not really a business user at all, and I think a consumer oriented phone OS would sell more, and if you remember, MS is a business not a feedback box. They are trying their best to get in some cash from their phone OS, and with Pandora integration, good games, and a smooth video playback… they certainly have some money coming from me.

I mean the only problem I had with the changes the OS had was the lack of customization, but the thing is. I only customize 6.5.5 because I want it to be smooth, faster, and look more attractive. If they get something good going, I would have no need to customize it. Now I might be bored, but that is okay as long as it is smooth, and sexy.

With all that said. I do not want you to say I am not a power user, because that would be wrong. I am a power user when it is called for, but if the need not arise… why bother.

P.S: If you would like your thoughts to be posted. Please write up a article about the size of mine, not too short, not too long, and email it to me at and I will post the best 10 articles/thoughts (unless I get a lot, then I will do more). I am waiting to read what you have to say, so get to it :).