Windows Phone Store Has 80% Of Top 25 Free/Paid Apps In Apple App Store

Windows Phone Apple App Store Alternative

Apple announced on Thursday that it is approaching 50 billion downloads from its App Store. They also released a list of top 25 free and paid apps in Apple App Store. I was just trying to list how many of those 50 top apps are available on Windows Phone Store.

  • Out of top 25 free apps on Apple App Store, Windows Phone had 17 official apps, 2 paid version of the same official apps and 3 credible alternatives.
  • Out of top 25 paid apps on Apple App Store, Windows Phone had 18 official apps, two credible alternatives.
  • Windows Phone Store still misses some key games, but it is catching up faster than ever after the release of Windows Phone 8.
  • In my view, apart from Google apps, Instagram is the only other app that will be missed by the users.

Looking at the table above, I think Windows Phone will be on par with Apple App Store and Android Play Store within an year or so. What do you think?

Update: Post updated with more accurate data. Many of our readers are pointing out to some 3rd party games which offer similar gameplay to the original ones, personally I don’t think them as credible alternatives. Credible alternatives for apps are different from that of games. You can find many such 3rd party games in the comments section below.