Windows Phone Internals now Open Source

by Surur
October 25, 2018

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The remaining Windows Phone community have a lot of thanks due to Rene Lergner aka Heathcliff74, who created the Windows 10 Mobile unlock solution that finally broke Microsoft’s bootloader protections and who allowed such crazy developments such as full Windows 10 on ARM.

He’s gotten a bit busy however and will not be able to give the project his full attention any more.

Like any good hacker in that position, instead of just disappearing, he has made his project, WPInternals, open source, meaning any good developer can take over his work, to update, modify or bug fix.

If that describes you, you can see the source code for WPInternals at Github here. Rene also promised to upload some of his early hacking tools and to be back in time for the Surface Phone unlock 🙂 Read more about that here.

I am sure our readers will join in me in thanking Rene for his efforts over the years and for breathing new life into old Windows Phones.

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