Windows Phone 9 Preview to hit in Q2-Q3 2015 says leak


A documents had earlier been leaked on the Neowin forums showing some of Microsoft’s roadmap for the next year.

That document had been heavily censored, but managed to get the full uncensored version, which has only one titbit relevant to Windows Phone users.

According to the document we can expect Windows Phone 9 Preview to hit the market around the same time as Windows 9, in Q2 or Q3 2015, presumably with a final release in Q4 2015.

This would give us around 16 months between major releases, only somewhat faster than the 17 months between Windows Phone 8 (October 2012) and Windows Phone 8.1 (May 2014), and probably not the pace which is needed given the competitive environment.

Do our readers think Microsoft needs to get Windows Phone development into a higher gear? Let us know below.

See the full document after the break.