Windows Phone 8’s Me Tile And Messaging Functionality Has Been Changed In Windows Phone 8.1



Me tile 1

The following was the message from Microsoft when Windows Phone was originally launched,

Social networking is built right into your Windows Phone—no separate apps required. You can post messages to Facebook, Windows Live, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and comment, like, and retweet to your heart’s content. You can also send a quick link from your browser, or check in to share your location with friends.

As the platform evolved into Windows Phone 8.1, there are quite a few changes around Me Tile and Social networking functionality. In Me Tile, you still have an option to update your social network status, but when you tap it, corresponding app will be opened and you should update it over there. Similarly, you can tap the check-in option, but the selected app will be opened to do check-in.

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You can select the apps to be used for updates and check-ins the settings menu as you can see in the image below.

Me tile 4

Also, the old notifications section has been removed in Windows Phone 8.1. You need to use the new Action Center to know about the latest notification. If you want Facebook and Twitter notifications, you need to install Facebook and Twitter apps on your device first.

Me tile 2

Me tile 3

Also, Messaging experience on Windows Phone 8 was one of the unique features.

In Windows Phone, Threads let you switch between texting and chatting in the same conversation. So whether your friends and family are on their cell phones or at their computers, you can keep in touch with them by texting, or by chatting over Facebook or Messenger.

In Windows Phone 8.1, the messaging app has turned into a simple SMS app. There is no way to chat with your Skype or Messenger or Facebook friends from there. There is no concept called Threads. You have to install the respective apps to enjoy those services. When Apple(iMessage and SMS) and Google(Hangouts and SMS) are trying to integrate their SMS apps with their services, it is sad to see that Microsoft is decoupling Skype from SMS app. What do you think of this move from Microsoft?

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