Windows Phone 7 survey


22, 2011

Author Bernard // in News

Microsoft is conducting a survey for Windows Phone 7 users, as announced last night on their Windows Phone Twitter account. The link takes you to a survey site where it asks you if you currently own a Windows Phone device. If you select ‘No’, it asks you what current smartphone OS you use, what smartphones you’re considering, and what are the factors in determining your next phone purchase (as well as when you plan on making a purchase). If you select ‘Yes’, it asks you what version Windows Phone you have (7, 6.5, 6.x, 5.x, and curiously “Pre-Windows Phone 5”). If you select Windows Phone 7, it ask you how influential various WP7 features (like Hubs, “Smart Tiles”, Zune and Xbox Live) were to the purchase of your device. Finally, it has a field asking you what, if anything, would you change about WP7.

For all those of you complaining that Microsoft doesn’t have a venue for feedback about WP7, this is your chance to voice your opinion on your device, or tell Microsoft what they need to do to get you to buy a device (ahem, VERIZON!, ahem).

The survey can be found here.

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