Windows Phone 7 Marketing campaign to be a “rolling thunder”

Microsoft’s latest publicity stunt, a 6 story high Windows Phone in Herald Square in Manhattan, unveiled today.

Speaking to Adage, Microsoft spoke about their change in marketing strategy for Windows Phone 7.

Calling the campaign like "rolling thunder”, Andy Lees, at a press event in New York, said the new campaign will focus on OEMs marketing their own devices, with some funding from Microsoft.

HTC launched its global Windows Phone campaign, "In The Right Hands" last week in the U.S. and will include TV spots and print ads in 10 general-market magazines such as People, Newsweek and Esquire.

Nokia’s "The Amazing Everyday" campaign is already underway in Europe, Middle East and Asia.  Andy Lees called the European saturation push Nokia’s "largest single campaign ever."

The goal is to hit the 57% of consumers who have not upgraded to a smartphone yet.

In the mean time Microsoft is also training 200,000 boots-on-the-ground salespeople to make sure consumers are getting the skinny on Windows Phone at retail.

Seeding devices is changing retail store associates’ minds, said Jeff Brown and Craig Brunton, both of whom work in AT&T retail stores. Carrier retail staff have been notorious for steering costumers away from Windows Phone 7 handsets, even when they come specifically looking to buy one.

"I might have been one of those guys," Brunton admitted. But after winning a Windows Phone in a contest, he changed his mind and now steers customers looking for an easy-to-use smartphone to the Windows Phone platform.

Via Adage and PCMag.