Windows Phone 7 gains official YouTube and Twitter support


16, 2010

Author rush24 // in News

When it rains it pours. We had a post yesterday showing a demo of the seesmic app for WP7 with twitter and Facebook support. Today, Microsoft demoed an official twitter client and YouTube support for the OS. This happened when Microsoft released the final version of the developer tools to the public. From

TechFlash reports that during a media briefing on Wednesday evening, the company demonstrated apps from sites including Twitter, Netflix, Flixster and Travelocity. Microsoft officials also showed off YouTube support. YouTube works in Windows Phone 7 by utilizing publicly available APIs to access and stream the H.264-encoded YouTube videos. There’s no YouTube application for Windows Phone 7 but videos play fine from the browser.

Now if Microsoft can round this up with including copy and paste (which I personally think is not that critical at this point) via the tuck and paste method, the critics would have nothing to complain or feel superior about. Are you guys getting excited yet?

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