Windows Phone 7 ahead of iPhone in developer survey


1, 2010

For Windows Phone 7, the only way is up
For Windows Phone 7, the only way is up.

Now we would be first to admitted we have never heard of, but that’s not going to stop us from reporting the good news that programmers are more keen to develop on Windows Phone 7 than iPhone, by a narrow margin of 19 to 18%. Of course Android was still far ahead at 45%, but it is still pretty good for an unreleased operating system.

In the survey Blackberry had only 3%, which may account for their meagre application store, despite their large numbers.

An explanation of Windows Phone 7’s performance may lie in a recent article by Paul Thurrott in which he explains the appeal of the platform. Examples include that, unlike the iPhone, developers do not need to buy a new computer to develop for Windows Phone 7, they can program in a language they knew already, and using tools they were already familiar with, and that Microsoft has done a good job promoting and supporting development on the OS so far.

Do our readers think the poll reflects reality? Let us know below.

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