Windows Mobile crushes Blackberry in Asia

While US-based readers may imagine Blackberry dominates WM worldwide, the fact is that Blackberry is only firmly established in the US market. In Asia its a very different story. Springboard Research estimates Windows Mobile outsells RIM 6 to 1 in Asia-Pacific, with RIM only able to ship 1 million vs 6 for Windows Mobile.

The reasons for the success of Windows Mobile and the failure of RIM are applicable worldwide. The total cost of ownership for a Windows Mobile device is simply lower than a Blackberry, with no need for a more expensive Blackberry data plan or to use a Blackberry Enterprise Server.

With the more stringent economic conditions at present one can expect this logic to ring more soundly than possibly a year ago, and with Windows Mobile security and manageability features even more mature Windows Mobile has no reason not to bring competitive pressure to RIM’s home ground too.