Windows Live Connects Windows Phone And Windows 8

SkyDrive on Windows 8

At BUILD keynote today, Steven Sinofsky and Chris Jones together demoed the Windows Live experience on Windows 8 and how it works with Windows Phone as well. As we all expected, you can now sign into Windows 8 PC using Windows Live ID as you do on a Windows Phone. Once you sign in with your Windows Live ID, all your preferences, background, contacts, apps, photos, events, etc,. all gets downloaded from the cloud. Everything will be in sync with the cloud Windows Live always. So you can enjoy roaming across devices. If you are using the same Windows Live ID for Windows Phones, all your contents  such as contacts, photos, videos, etc gets synced automatically. And more than that, Microsoft just announced its plans for SkyDrive APIs. Developers will be able to take advantage of SkyDrive API’s to store user content and get it sync’d across devices. Great stuff ahead for us. Apart from these, Microsoft also demoed Windows Live Touch based apps such as Photos, mail,etc,.