Windows Insider program now includes 5 million users


Microsoft will release Windows 10 on July 29th. The operating system has been shaping up nicely, thanks to Windows Insiders who provided feedback to the company. Windows Insiders’ feedback highly helped Microsoft improve Windows 10’s user interface, and especially, the user experience. Back in May, Microsoft revealed that the Windows Insider program included 3.9 million Insiders. Today, the company revealed that there are 5 million Windows Insiders now. Microsoft’s Terry Merson stated:

We are also rigorously testing and listening to every signal from our 5 million Windows Insiders on the quality and readiness of Windows 10.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft will be offering Windows 10 RTM for free to Windows Insiders. The company will be releasing future Windows 10 builds to Insiders as well – meaning that they will not be able to run the Windows 10 RTM build for a long time and will be required to upgrade to a newer build. Nonetheless, this is indeed a great program for both the company and Insiders. For Microsoft, the program is helping the company make Windows 10 what the users want and for Insiders, the program allows them to test what Microsoft is developing.

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Source: Microsoft