Windows Hello’s Iris scanning adds much needed credibility to the Lumia 940 rumour


A few days ago we posted a rumour by Fudzilla  about the next Windows Phone flagship, the Lumia 940, which even we did not find very credible, giving it only 3/10 in our rumour rating.

Today Microsoft’s announcement of Windows Hello has just sent that score zooming up to 7 or 8.

The most laughable feature to us from the rumour was the infra-red Iris scanner, but today Microsoft announced Windows Hello, which does, in fact feature an Iris scanner powered by an Infra-red camera.

If that is true, the rumoured device starts to sound very interesting, for example featuring a docking station that can attach to accessories.  The rumour further stated the device may be  powered by a 28nm Snapdragon 805, or a 20nm Snapdragon 810, and also feature a 20-30 Megapixel camera and 3 LED flashlights.


Microsoft’s Hello can be powered by the Intel Realsense 3D camera (above) which also provides Kinect-like touchless gesture control, and we can easily imagine this being integrated into Microsoft’s new flagship phone to provide those elusive 3D Touch feature we have been hearing about for so long with the McLaren.

Can the Surface Phone be far behind?