Windows 95 Running on Windows Mobile


Getting any OS to run on Windows Mobile is not the hardest thing to do, and so now we can boot Windows 95 on the Himalaya. This comes from where every port originates… XDA. One of their member aeroflyluby managed to get this very old OS running on this very old phone.

Now you might wonder why would someone want Windows 95 on their device. Well, why do I drive fast when I could drive the speed limit… because we can. This is not actually a direct Windows port, but its an emulator that allows you to run other OS.

Here are some details:



I found somewhere QEMU compiled to windows mobile, and it works well!
You must find somewhere windows 95 (or something else) qemu image and put it in emul/96 folder, then edit cmdline in emul/96 to change name of image
I can’t provide you working windows 95 copy because of warez.
You can also run ReactsOS!
I can’t test it well because my SD card is so corrupted (it can plugout anytime (and on boot too)) but I get into windows 95 loading screen easly

Some result got on my hima

Try Windows 95 Out

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