Windows 95 is now 20 years old


20 years ago, Microsoft launched Windows 95. The operating system was the first version of Windows to include the Start Menu, and other major features such as the Taskbar. Back then, the OS wasn’t available digitally, and it was only available for purchase on physical stores. Obviously, it was an amazing product back in 1995 and most users loved it. There’s also a pretty long video guide for the OS from 1995 – take a look:

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So where’s Windows after 20 years? The OS is evolving in a brilliant way – for example, the latest (and apparently the last) version of the OS, Windows 10 comes with a lot of features, and it brings some back. With Windows 8, Microsoft removed the Start Menu, which was introduced with Windows 95. However, with Windows 10, the company has added the Start Menu, and made it better. Windows 10 also includes some new features like Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Virtual Desktops, etc.

Nonetheless, if you’ve used Windows 95, don’t forget to share your Windows 95 experience in the comment section below.