Windows 7 Continues To Grow In Worldwide Desktop Market Share, Windows 10 Is Now At 0.05% Of PCs

Jan 2015 Desktop Marketshare

According to the recent numbers from NetMarketShare, Windows 7 OS market share continues to grow worldwide. Windows 7 continues to dominate at the top with the OS now over 55.92% marketshare, up from 56.26% percent in December. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined is now at 13.83, up from 13.52% last month. Windows XP saw a slight increase to 18.93% from 18.26% last month. I’m not sure whether this data is accurate given the fact that Windows 7 and Windows XP saw increase in usage given the fact that there are very few devices available on sale running these aged operating systems.

Windows 10 was spotted in the list and it is now at 0.05%. Mac OSX saw a decline last month, which is down to 7.11% from 7.27% last month.

Source: Netmarketshare