Windows 365 Business now supports Windows 11 Cloud PCs, more


15, 2021

Two months after adding Windows 11 support to Windows 365 Enterprise, Microsoft has announced that Windows 365 Business now also supports Windows 11 Cloud PCs.

Microsoft Windows 11 Cloud PC

Besides Windows 11 support, Microsoft also announced the General Availability of Enhanced Admin Capabilities and Microsoft Graph API availability.

See the full list of updates below:

  • Windows 11 support: Experience Windows 11 in the cloud on any device. Windows 365 Business provides a powerful, simple, and secure Windows 11 experience for your users.
  • Enhanced admin capabilities: Benefit from new lifecycle management features, including setting the default operating system (OS) and account type for your users’ devices at the organizational level, as well as device-level actions on individual Cloud PCs.
  • Microsoft Graph API availability: Graph APIs are available for Windows 365 Business, so organizations can build additional capabilities and automation on top of the service.

Windows 365 allows organizations to securely stream the full Windows experience—including all their apps, data, and settings—to personal or corporate devices. Since Windows 365 runs on Microsoft Cloud, users can enjoy an instant-on boot experience on any device including your Windows, Mac, iPad and Android.

This latest update began rolling out across the service this week, so keep a watch out for them if not already visible in your tenant today.

Learn more about Windows in the Cloud here.

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