Windows 11 Cloud PCs now supported on Windows 365 Enterprise

Microsoft Windows 11 Cloud PC

In August, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows 365. Windows 365 allows organizations to securely stream the full Windows experience—including all their apps, data, and settings—to personal or corporate devices. Since Windows 365 runs on Microsoft Cloud, users can enjoy an instant-on boot experience on any device including your Windows, Mac, iPad and Android.

Microsoft today announced that enterprise customers can now create Windows 11 Cloud PCs through Windows 365 Enterprise. When you provision Cloud PCs, customers can select Windows 11 or Windows 10 as the desired OS. Windows 11 is supported on Cloud PCs with 2vCPU/4GB and higher, the choice to select Windows 11 as the OS appears only if the Cloud PC virtual hardware configuration supports it.

In the coming weeks, Microsoft will release full Windows 11 support for Windows 365 Business.

Source: Microsoft

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