Microsoft should take a cue from this Windows 20 concept video

by Rahul
April 20, 2020

Design inconsistencies have always been and continue to be an issue with Microsoft’s Windows 10, in fact, most of its criticisms are either due to the lack of consistencies in design or the fact that it’s not very developer-friendly. While Microsoft has made significant changes in Windows 10 to woo developers, critics often complained that the software giant has failed to address design inconsistencies that are visible throughout the Windows 10 operating system.

A month ago, Panos Panay, chief product officer of Microsoft, posted a video hinting what the future versions of Windows 10 could look like. Many Microsoft enthusiasts as well as critics praised Panos’s video and are also hopeful that the changes that were shown in the video will be coming to Windows 10 as the chief product officer has an incredible track record of delivering on his promises.

Needless to say, these changes aren’t going to come at once. Instead, it’s being said the company will be rolling out these changes gradually. Whatever the case may be, designer Advan reimagined the look and feel of Windows in a video called Introducing Windows 20.

Designer Advan’s new concept video highlights the true potential of fluent design. The new video also seemed to have addressed the design inconsistencies of the current version of Windows 10. Further, the video reimagined the way we customize the Windows 10 taskbar — the position of apps in the taskbar can be changed from left-aligned to center just by a single click and while doing so will make the taskbar look a lot like how apps are arranged in the doc in macOS, being able to give more choices to users is something that Microsoft takes pride in.

Advan also showcased a modern File Explorer with support for Tabs, a new Settings app that finally has the potential to replace Control Panel, a praiseworthy tablet mode, modern action center, and the new search UI that looks a lot like the Spotlight Search in macOS. You can watch Advan’s Windows 20 concept video below.

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