Windows 11 will offer the quickest way to fix a program when it’s not responding

February 16, 2023
windows 11 update error

When a program is not responding on Windows 11, you go to Task Manager to end and choose End task. This closes the task to allow you to relaunch the program once again. In future Windows 11 updates, the whole process of killing a process will be much easier than it is today.

Microsoft is currently working on the ability to end tasks directly from Windows 11 Taskbar. Instead of going to the Task Manager to end the task, you will be able to end it by right-clicking on the app icon in the Taskbar. In other words, you will be able to end tasks precisely the way you close an app or program from Taskbar on Windows 11.

Twitter user @PhantomOfEarth has spotted the feature on the recently-released Windows 11 Dev Channel Insider build 25300. However, the ability to end tasks directly from the Taskbar is currently hidden in the Dev Channel build. Usually, you can enable hidden features in Windows 11 by using ViveTool, but the new End task option is an exception here.

However, the new way to end a task may start to work anytime after you enable it by using the ViveTool. If you are a Windows 11 Insider running build 25300 and are intrigued by the new functionality, you can follow the below steps to enable it on your PC.

  1. Download ViveTool GUI from GitHub.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Open the app and search for featureĀ ID 42592269.
  4. Enable it.

After following the above steps, you may see it in action anytime. However, there is a reason Microsoft has not released it to Insiders: the new End task in the right-click menu is too buggy to be released for the Windows 11 Dev Channel Insiders.

The new way to end tasks directly from Windows 11 Taskbar will eventually come to Stable Windows 11. So, if you are not too enthusiastic about it, you can wait until it becomes available to everyone.

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