Windows 10 Cloud PC successor could be called Windows 11 SE (Updated)

by Rahul
June 16, 2021
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Microsoft was believed to be working on a Cloud Edition of Windows 10, but unfortunately, it didn’t see the light of the day. Luckily, Microsoft’s hard work to develop the ‘Cloud PC’ is unlikely to go in vain a successor to the Windows 10 Cloud Edition is reportedly in the developmental phase.

According to a tipster, Windows 11 SE could be the successor to Windows 10 Cloud Edition. The tipster managed to get his hands on the OS, and while installing it, he found out that it required users to have an online account as the offline account creation was broken in the OOBE. The tipster also noticed that the Settings page in the regular version of Windows 11 and the Cloud Edition of the OS were not the same.

Windows 11 SE
Image: @fakirmeditation

Interestingly, Microsoft Store is blocked by default in the Windows 11 SE build, so you can’t install Store apps. Luckily, Win32 apps seem to be working, per the tipster.

Based on what know about the Windows 11 Cloud PC, the Windows 11 SE is likely to be based on Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop. The purpose of a Cloud PC is to provide users the opportunity to deploy and manage Windows 11 PCs in the cloud from anywhere at any time provided that the user is connected to the internet.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much knowledge about the Windows 11 SE at this point in time. Hopefully, Microsoft will give us all the details about the Cloud PC at June 24 event. It’s also possible that Microsoft won’t talk about the OS at the event, instead, it might dedicate another event discussing the OS.


Meanwhile, renowned Microsoft journalist Mary Jo Foley, while replying to us on Twitter, has claimed that Windows 11 SE is an S Mode SKU for Windows 11. She also claims that the software giant is in no mood to pull the plug on the development of the S Mode. In other words, Windows 11 SE could just be another name for Windows 10 S Mode.

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