Windows 11 might get a Dark mode toggle in the Quick Settings

November 15, 2022

Microsoft has improved the Dark mode implementation across Windows 11 by introducing the theme in File Explorer and Task Manager. But the company still has work to do to apply it everywhere in the operating system. And while that might take a few years, Microsoft may be looking to make the switching between Light and Dark themes easier for users.

As spotted by Microsoft journalist Zac Bowden, Microsoft is internally testing a Dark mode toggle in the Windows 11 Quick Settings. For those unaware, Quick Settings is a place where you will get different useful toggles, including Battery saver, WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Night light, and more. You can toggle these settings without going through the pain of looking for them in the Settings app.

What the introduction of the Dark mode toggle in Quick Settings would mean is that you will be able to switch between Dark and Light modes with just a couple of clicks. You will no longer need to go to the Personalization page in the Settings app to change your theme. You can edit the Quick Settings toggle, so if you do not want the Dark mode toggle there, there are other toggles that might be more important to you. Whatever the case with you, a lot of Windows 11 users will find this useful.

A Dark mode shortcut is not new. It might be new for desktop users, but mobile users are pretty familiar with this. Android users can easily switch between Dark and Light themes from the notification tray itself. It is a lot more convenient than looking for it in Settings.

Zac shared no words on when it will be available for Windows 11 Insiders. If the testing is successful, Microsoft will begin rolling it out to Insiders before including it in upcoming Windows 11 “Moment” updates. Hopefully, Microsoft will not cancel the feature down the line.

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