Microsoft has for some years been trying to force users to use a Microsoft account to set up Windows, with the company being accused on one occasion of using Dark Patterns to hide the ability to set up the OS using a local account.

Now PCWorld reports that such trickery will be unnecessary, as Windows 11 Home will not allow users to set up the OS at all without using a Microsoft account.

They write:s

A source close to Microsoft has now told us that the only way to avoid using an MSA is with Windows 11 Pro. According to our source, users who buy or own a PC with Windows 11 Pro may choose to use either a local account or an MSA from the very beginning of the installation process.

They report once set up users will still be able to create a local account, but presumably, by then Microsoft has already collected your hardware ID and other identifying data.

Windows 11 Pro users will not be subject to the same restriction.

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