Microsoft releases new Windows 11 build, WSA November 2022 update

November 18, 2022

Microsoft is giving Insiders new features and improvements to try on Windows 11 and Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) on Windows 11. This is through the Windows 11 Build 22621.898 for Release Preview Channel Insiders and November WSA 2210.40000.7.0 update for all Dev and Beta Channel Windows Insiders.

Build 22621.898 (KB5020044) in the Release Preview Channel highlights four new features on Windows 11. In this release, Insiders with OneDrive subscriptions will notice two improvements: storage alerts on the Systems page in the Settings and the full amount of storage capacity information from all the user’s OneDrive subscriptions. The former will appear when the subscribers are getting close to their storage limit and will give them options to manage storage and purchase more. For the latter, the system will start showing the comprehensive storage capacities of different OneDrive subscriptions while displaying the total storage on the Accounts page in Settings.

Microsoft also made changes in another section of Settings by combining Windows Spotlight with Themes on the Personalization page. According to the company, it aims to make the discovery and activation of the Windows Spotlight feature easier. 

KB5020044 also includes a new “organizational messages feature” that should allow third-party companies to deliver content to their employees without the need to use the default behavior of Windows.

As usual, the release includes tons of fixes on different areas of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Release Preview Channel Build 22621.898 fixes

Windows 11 Release Preview Channel Build 22621.898 fixes

Windows 11 Release Preview Channel Build 22621.898 fixes

On the other hand, while the new Windows 11 Release Preview Channel release comes with several new features, the November 2022 WSA 2210.40000.7.0 update release for Windows 11 only offers a set of improvements. Microsoft, nonetheless, notes in its blog post that the update will enhance WSA’s camera, general reliability, and performance.

November WSA 2210.40000.7.0 update improvements

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