Windows 10X laptops will feature true instant-on ‘Modern Standby’

by Surur
December 28, 2020
windows 10x

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Microsoft intends for Windows 10X to bring smartphone-like behaviour to the PC, with great reliability, ease of use and easy updates.

Another feature it appears will be Instant-on behaviour, with Microsoft’s documentation confirming Windows 10X devices will support ‘Modern Standby’.

Modern Standby, introduced with Windows 10, is an expansion of Windows 8.1’s Connected Standby, a low-power idle that allows your computer to stay up to date when it has a network connection available.

The main difference between Modern Standby and Connected Standby is that the former permits background activity, like system updates and downloads by Modern apps.

This is particularly well suited for Windows 10X, which will only be able to run PWAs an UWP apps in any case, meaning Windows 10X users can expect an instant-on, always updated experience.

While Modern Standy was introduced many years ago, there will be a renewed push to establish the technology, as it forms part of Intel’s Athena spec. It is good to see Microsoft is using a mature technology in Windows 10X rather than inventing yet another standard.

The first Windows 10X laptops are expected to be launched in H1 2021 and will be aimed at frontline workers.

via WindowsLatest.

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