Unofficial Windows 10X Device Image Generator now available

You can now try Windows 10X on spare PC, with the availability of an unofficial Windows 10X FFU generator for x86 PCs.

Created by developer Albacore, the Windows 10X Device Image Generator lets you create 10X images in only a few clicks.

The tool pics up drivers for your PC from your existing install, meaning issues such as meaning broken WiFi or Audio should be taken care of.

Windows 10x Device Image Generator

Users will still need to supply the Unified Update Platform (UUP) fileset of the Windows 10X build. Note that flashing your PC with Windows 10X will destroy your current install, so only use it on a donor device.

To get started, download the tool from the link in this tweet here and follow Albacore here for the latest developments and bug fixes.

via XDA-Dev

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