Windows 10’s next major update won’t have the same name in all countries

Microsoft’s next major update for Windows 10, titled the Fall Creators Update, won’t have the same name in all countries. This is the second “Creators Update” for Windows 10, and rather than coming up with an entirely new name for the update, Microsoft decided to add the name of the release season to the name. But as you may have already guessed, there’s a huge problem with the name: “Fall” is known as “Autumn” in some regions.

To address this issue, Microsoft is going to give the update a different name in countries that don’t refer to the season as “Fall”. For instance, the update will be called the Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update in countries like the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

This is undoubtedly a significant error from Microsoft. Two different names for a single update will create confusion for regular users, especially when Microsoft’s own marketing material will mostly be referring it to as the Fall Creators Update. What makes things worse is the fact that some countries don’t have “Autumn” either.

Microsoft isn’t known for creative update names for Windows 10, and the company played it safe for the most part by going with boring names like the “Anniversary Update” and “November Update”. As for professionals, the names don’t really matter at all as they’ll simply be referring to the update with its version number: 1709.

Hopefully, Microsoft will come up with something clever and less confusing for next year’s updates.